If you enjoy the great outdoors...  the wilds of the moors and mountains ...  if you want to explore new places with like-minded people and have adventures together ...

    ... then join Taunton Trailblazers!

    You need to be:

    1 - adventurous!
    2 - at least 12 years old
    3 - well supported by your parents or carers
    4 - happy when you're cold, wet and tired and the rain or sea is spraying in your face!
    5- happy to work hard, struggling to put up a tent with your mates in 60 mph wind!
    6 - able to afford the non-profit costs of our adventures (typically £5 for a day out - £20 for a weekend away - £100 for a week activity camp)

    Your parents or carers could read the parent's guide and the kit list.

    Still interested??   Then you'll need an
    enrolment letter and a medical form.

    If you want to ask more first, please
    contact us.